Self Help and Wellbeing

Social Prescribing – You Trust

What problems can the service help with?

Finance/Housing information and advice

Social Isolation


Connection to services and groups that address Lifestyle issues


What problems can’t the service help with?

Urgent/Crisis situations

People with current significant Mental Health or unaddressed addiction issues

People who are not suitable for lone working (for our worker safety)

People who do not have capacity/ cannot make choices about their health and wellbeing – we can support their Carer


Who can use the service?

Anyone over 18


How does patient access the service?

Online via

Telephone: 02392 065504 Monday – Friday 9-4pm


Care Navigators can make a referral *(with the patient’s consent) to Social Prescribing Portsmouth for those patients they expect will not make contact with us directly. We will contact the person to discuss their situation, arrange an appointment at a community location suitable to the person, or a home visit – within 2 weeks, depending on capacity.


* if you do not know how to make the referral using Systmone please speak to your own team for guidance


What can patient expect when they contact service?

One of our team will talk to them about their issue and connect them to services that may help.

If the issue will require more support then they will be assigned a Link Worker.

Location for appointments (Community location near their home or home visit) are agreed between the patient and our social prescribing link workers (Community Health and Wellbeing Partners) for more in depth support.

Appointments by arrangement 7 days per week including evenings.