Self Help and Wellbeing

Pharmacy First

When you or your family are unwell, you may not always need to make an appointment to see your GP.

Pharmacists are experts in the use of medicines. Your local community pharmacist is a trained medical professional who can provide free expert advice on the best treatment for a wide range of illnesses and minor ailments.

You can visit a community pharmacy without the need to make an appointment. Several pharmacies in Portsmouth are open until late evening and on Sundays.

As well as free medical advice, your local pharmacy can now provide free medication for some illnesses and minor ailments under a scheme called PHARMACY FIRST.

PHARMACY FIRST allows people who receive free prescriptions to go straight to their pharmacist to receive treatment, for selected minor ailments, without needing to visit their GP to get a prescription.

What problems can the service help with?

Athletes Foot Hay Fever Soft tissue injuries
Cold Headlice Sore Throat
Conjunctivitis Headache Tooth Pain
Constipation Indigestion Teething
Cough Insect bites / Stings Threadworm
Dermatitis Nappy Rash Vaginal Thrush
Diarrhoea Nasal Congestion Warts
Earache Oral Thrush Verrucae
Earwax Period Pain

What problems can’t the service help with?

For those people not eligible or suffering from a condition not listed, the pharmacy will provide advice on how to self-care or signpost for additional help as appropriate


Who can use the service?

Patients eligible for free prescriptions

People in full time education up to age of 24 years who are:

Resident in Portsmouth PO1 to PO6 and/or

Registered with Portsmouth GP practice and

Suffering from one of the included minor ailment conditions

Ineligible patients may be suitable for referral to the pharmacy for Self Care.


How does patient access the service?

Drop – in (person with ailment should ideally be present).

Find your nearest Pharmacy


What can patient expect when they contact service?

Provide advice on the management of the ailment, this should routinely be supported with a leaflet and where necessary supply the appropriate medication.


Provide advice on the management of the ailment and when professionally necessary a referral to an appropriate health care professional, indicating the relative urgency of making contact with the professional