Self Help and Wellbeing

MSK Physio Service

What problems can the service help with?

All muscle and joint related aches and pains and associated symptoms e.g.stiffness, tingling, numbness, swelling, or weakness.

Acute injuries, nerve related symptoms such as sciatica, as well as longer term symptoms.


What problems can’t the service help with?

Multiple joint, chest or rib pain

Abdominal pain (associated with back pain)

Headaches, head pain +/- dizziness associated with neck pain

Swollen and painful calf (DVT risk)

Swollen and painful legs (bilateral)

Flare up of known rheumatology condition

Musculoskeletal pain but ONLY seeking medication review


Who can use the service?

Patients aged 16+ registered with a Portsmouth GP practice unless any of the following apply:

– Pregnant women or <6 weeks post natal

– Patients currently unwell i.e. fever, temperature, sweating, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite

– Patients undergoing active treatment for cancer

– Non English speaking patient

– Patient has already self-referred to physiotherapy and awaiting appointment, UNLESS NEW / WORSENING SYMPTOMS


How does patient access the service?

The patient can call or drop-in to their GP practice from 08:00 am. The GP receptionist ensures the following steps are undertaken:

– the patient meets the relevant inclusion / exclusion criteria

– obtains consent from the patient to share their medical records and changes it within their records

– book appointment on ‘Portsmouth MSK Physio Triage’ using ‘Remote Booking’ on SystmOne


What can patient expect when they contact service?

The patient will receive a phone call from the physiotherapist any time before 12:00 on the same day. The call can be from a withheld or Southampton based number. The phone call will typically result in one of the following outcomes:

– Offer advice, education and exercises over the phone, or via email, on what the patient can do to help themselves.

– Recommend the patient self-refers to physiotherapy if their symptoms persist.

– Recommend a face to face physiotherapy assessment and will refer the patient directly

– Talk to the patient about pain relief, and can discuss any additional medication required with their GP if necessary

– Refer the patient back to their GP practice if a primary care appointment is indicated e.g. symptoms deemed non-MSK in nature