Clinical Pharmacist – Island City Network

Clinical Pharmacist – Island City Network

Listed from: 09/10/2019
Closing date: 20/11/2019
Contact email:
Organisation: Island City Network
Location: Portsmouth
Post code: PO1 4JT
Salary: £37,570 – £50,819


About Us

Island City Network is an innovative, friendly and forward thinking healthcare group.  We are located in the fascinating Historic Naval City of Portsmouth on the South Coast. Where we lead others follow. General Practice is changing at pace and we see this as a positive and opportunistic challenge.

Island City Network includes Derby Road Group Practice, Lake Road Practice and John Pounds Surgery.  Our combined list size is c.33,000 patients.  Island City Network is proud and enthusiastic to be an inventive front runner in the new era of The Primary Care Network.

The Job and Background

In recent years the role of General Practice and Community Care has expanded at an exponential rate.  Traditionally GP’s with a small team were able to meet the vast majority of their patient’s needs.  Over time societal change, population increases and role expansion has changed the face of General Practice forever.  We are seeing ever more complex patient care needs and targets.  Current primary Care teams lack the workforce and specialisms to manage this shift adequately.  It is very clear that Clinical Pharmacy is emerging as a pivotal role in modern General Practice.  Island City Network wishes to build a fully integrated team of Clinical Pharmacists.  This dynamic and developmental role will include all aspects of Clinical Pharmacy within The Network.  It is an opportunity to work in a highly organized, friendly and progressive team.

Hours Of Work And Pay

37.5hrs per week (part time applications will also be considered)

Equivalent to NHS band 7-8a Job role (£37,570 – £50,819) depending on experience, competency levels and qualifications.

Higher banding rates would be considered for high level exceptional candidates that can contribute significantly more to Island City Network.

How To Apply

Please send applications to include CV and covering letter by email to:

Should you wish to find out more first please do get in touch either by email or by calling 02392882105.

Key Job Role Requirements

1) The Applicant should be a qualified Clinical Pharmacist or a Pharmacist wishing to complete the Clinical Pharmacy training program to include prescribing qualification within a 2 year period from commencement of employment.

2) The post holder will be able work as an independent practitioner within the scope of their practice and current level of experience or training.

3) It is vital the Clinical Pharmacist understands a key part of the role is to reduce work load for other members of the primary care team such as GP’s and Nursing Staff.

Job Description

1) The post will include (but is not limited to) direct interaction with patients by way of face-to-face and telephone consultations. The percentage of patient facing time will be variable dependent upon the clinical needs of the practice we are unable to guarantee minimum or maximum patient facing work levels.

2) The Clinical Pharmacist will help lead Medicines Management and Prescribing Safety. This is a vital part of the role that will be achieved within a Network team. The Clinical Pharmacist will take a key role within that team.

3) The Pharmacist will take a lead role in support of the non-clinical prescription team, improving safety increasing efficiency and reducing workflow to other clinicians.

4) The Clinical Pharmacist(s) will seek to keep Island City Network both up to date and compliant with medicine safety alerts and developments and able to action appropriate changes independently where required. This will include alerting staff concerning known medication supply issues and alternative options where applicable.

5) The Clinical Pharmacist will lead medication monitoring including updating and developing this system as required

6) The Post Holder will both review and monitor the repeat medication systems in use over The Network. They will in working with the Network Team look to further improve and continually update this system to maximize safety, patient satisfaction and efficiency.

7) In relevant areas and when required the Clinical Pharmacist will assist Island City Network Practices in their Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF) targets and responsibilities

8) The Pharmacist will when required liase directly with local and hospital pharmacies to resolve questions, queries and other patient prescription related issues that cannot be resolved by an administrator.

9) The Clinical Pharmacist will carry out patient medication reviews to include face-to-face reviews, telephone reviews and simple notes reviews depending on the requirement of the case.

10) Dependent upon the training and experience of the clinical pharmacist there may be the opportunity to develop consulting of patients with a specific requirement or condition with limited need to involve a GP thus saving GP clinical time.

11) The Clinical Pharmacist may support or help patients who for a variety of reasons may be struggling with their medication be it side effects, administration or supply.

12) The Clinical Pharmacist will be involved in the workflow system and will manage medication changes and requests that fall out of the remit of a pharmacy technician role. This work will be from inbound letters such as discharge summaries and consultant reviews. This will include checking work done by non-clinical practice prescriptions teams or technicians.

13) In some cases the post holder may need to home visit housebound patients. In the future there may also be the option of remote video consultations for suitable cases.

14) The Clinical Pharmacist should be able to prove advice and support for patients with simple self-limiting conditions managing such cases independently, working within the boundaries outlined by the network.

15) The Post holder must keep clear suitably detailed notes with relevant read codes in the patient records. They should also be or with training accomplish a high level of competence with use of the SystmOne clinical sytem in use at Island City network Practices.

16) Clinical Pharmacy posts may also involve completion or involvement in relevant Audit work within the Network.

17) Clinical Pharmacists will take a lead role in setting up E-Repeat dispensing for suitable patients.

18) The Clinical Pharmacy team will provide support and advice to other primary care team members in cases or situations where pharmaceutical clinical expertise is required.

19) The post holder must be willing to explore new areas and ideas for clinical pharmacy and with the Island City Network Team continually develop , improve and innovate.

Personal Specification

Qualification and Training


  • GPhC Registered Pharmacist


  • GPhC Independent prescriber
  • Minor Ailments Certification
  • Medicines Management Qualification
  • Further Qualification or Diploma relevant to General Practice



  • Two Years Minimum working as a Pharmacist


  • Working knowledge of General Practice
  • Community based pharmacy experience
  • Prior senior pharmacist roles

Desirable Skills and Knowledge:

  • Ability to work independently within a Primary Care Network team.
  • A knowledge and understanding of General Practice that empowers the Clinical Pharmacist to understand how to take on and reduce workload from other clinicians.
  • To organize and prioritize own work
  • Good communication and networking skills
  • Ability to problem solve variable situations and variables
  • Good IT skills
  • Understanding of the wider primary care health care and social aspects
  • Knowledge local NHS and community pharmacy services

Job Specific Personal Attributes may include:

  • Enthusiastic and dynamic approach
  • Good communication that inspires trust and confidence
  • Good listening skills and empathic approach
  • High levels of motivation and professionality
  • Good time keeping skills
  • Reliability
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Emotional resilience
  • Innovative Spirit
  • A sense of humour

Generic Responsibilities

  1. Health and Safety / Risk Management
  • The post holder will be trained in and expected to use the personal security systems available within the practice
  • To identify any risks involved in their work activities and undertake them in a way that manages the risks
  • The post holder must comply at all times with the practice’s Health and Safety policies, in particular by following agreed safe working procedures and reporting clinical incidents using Significant Event Reporting system
  • To use computers safely and appropriately
  1. Information Governance
  • The practice is registered under the Data Protection Act 1984. The post holder will comply with the Data Protection Act and the Access to Health Records Act, the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 and the practice policies regarding information governance at all times. You must not at any time use the personal data held by the practice for a purpose not described in the Register entry or disclose such data to a third party. If you are in any doubt regarding what you should and should not do in connection with the Data Protection Act, then you must contact your line manager
  1. Confidentiality
  • All dealings within the Practice remain strictly confidential and the post holder would be expected to maintain this confidentiality at all times. You will have access to confidential information relating to Practice business and to individuals. You are required to exercise due consideration in the way you use such information when carrying out your duties. Should you have any doubts regarding the use of information in carrying out your duties, you should seek advice from your line manager
  1. Equality and diversity
  • The post holder must co-operate with all policies and procedures designed to ensure equality of employment and treatment in line the Practice Equal Opportunities Policy. Co-workers, patients and visitors must be treated equally irrespective of gender, ethnic origin, age, disability, sexual orientation or religion
  • Identify patterns of discrimination and take action to overcome this and promote diversity and equality of opportunity
  • Support people who need assistance in exercising their rights
  • Monitor and evaluate adherence to local chaperoning policies